Category : Tutorial

06 May 2016

Ritz Carlton Club for Macau Inc.

During my time here in China I have been shooting some editorial work for Macau Inc., on a variety of assignments.  This shoot of the Ritz Carlton Club had a very long shot list that needed to be accomplished in one day with a large variety of subject matter including food, interiors,product and portraits.  As is often the case many of the images shot for the story don’t make it into the final layout due to space constraints or editorial […]

30 Apr 2016

Portraits in the LBC

This is one of those projects that I meant to turn into a larger body of work but in all likelihood will have to live as it is or serve as a jumping off point for a different series.  At some point last year I began photographing my neighbors in Long Beach under my open garage door in the alley behind my apartment building.  A very impromptu studio setup in a most undesirable location.  Since then I have moved out […]

29 Apr 2016

A very brief portrait shoot in Zhuhai China

During my recent stay in China I came across this woman who sits outside of her flat all day and often into the night sewing by her front door.  As one of several local seamstresses she seems to keep quite busy working from her home.  I really wanted to make a portrait of her but not speaking Mandarin kept me from trying to ask her for quite some time.  Eventually I asked a friend to come and translate for me […]