Portraits in the LBC

This is one of those projects that I meant to turn into a larger body of work but in all likelihood will have to live as it is or serve as a jumping off point for a different series.  At some point last year I began photographing my neighbors in Long Beach under my open garage door in the alley behind my apartment building.  A very impromptu studio setup in a most undesirable location.  Since then I have moved out of that apartment and I am in the middle of some travel assignments.  I don’t foresee living on that block again and being able to work on this project any further unfortunately…

Technical Notes:  Lighting was natural light reflecting off of the concrete in the alley behind my apartment building.  I had my subjects stand under my open garage door just a step or so inside the garage threshold which added some shadowing to the top and sides of their bodies and faces.  Camera was a Canon 5D Mark II with a 85mm F1.8 USM lens set at ISO 400 @f5.6 & 1/125th of second.  The camera was locked down on a tripod and triggered with a cable release in live view so as not to move the camera at all.

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