Five Hours

Inspired by Phillip-Lorca diCorcia, while I was a student at Moorpark College, I set out to make my own version of his well known series of pedestrians on New York City streets titled Heads. Using studio lighting mounted along the main walk way of my college campus I setup a camera that could be triggered remotely and photographed students, faculty and anyone that happened upon me. While the inspiration is clear to most people and the work is somewhat different than diCorcia's series what still interests me most about this series is how it became something else through contemplation and the physical act of trying it for myself. After making the work and enjoying the process I came to the conclusion that what was missing for me personally was a connection to the people of Los Angeles, a place where almost no one walks and instead everyone drives. This thought process eventually lead me to adapt some of the technique and elements of diCorcia's work into something much more my own and more about Los Angeles with Car Culture. This work if nothing else is a testament to that process and how it can lead you down very unexpected photographic journeys.