The First Week Whirlwind!

Met a lot of people today… I’m so bad with names when I first meet people so I’m asking for name cards from everyone which seems to be helping.

Met Joseph Dutra and we immediately started talking about an instagram takeover at minimum and we are going to circle around in a couple weeks when the dust settles to see if we can come up with some other ideas for how I might engage with Heartland’s Social Media outlets during the fellowship.  I sent him an email with lots of links to work.

Met Amber Cason and emailed her back.  She beat me to the introductory email.  I sent her a list of days and times next week that she can setup a meeting with the rest of her team (haven’t met Quintin yet but his name has been brought up here) so that I can learn about their Art for Justice Campaign.  Sounds really interesting.  She also pointed me to an opening this Friday night (Envisioning Justice) which I’ll be attending after I get done with some event work I’m doing earlier in the day.  (Filter Photo Festival and the South Asia Institute)

Betsy has introduced me virtually to Nancy Callahan and Barbara Martinez. I’ve responded to each of them to arrange times for next week as well to get acquainted with their programs for refugee hospitality program and asset/building / economic opportunity respectively. Both of these programs sound very interesting to me but of course I can immediately see several threads to my past work in Hong Kong and in Chicago with the refugee hospitality program.

Met Rachel Ruttenberg and chatted with her briefly.  As I understand it she works with Kim Drew who led the meeting and works with Amber Cason.  It was very educational to learn about Heartland’s involvement with drafting legislation and their role in lobbying and shepherding bills through the legislative process.  I can’t off the top of my head imagine how I might engage with that portion of Heartland’s work but I do find it fascinating.

Sent Betsy my file and info for name cards as well!

One thought on “The First Week Whirlwind!”

  1. Sounds right for the first week…a blur of new faces and names, Jonathan.
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
    I’m curious about your impressions after our meeting together with Betsy…anything in particular float to the surface?

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