Chameleon shoot for a friend

A very good friend of mine Shawn Greenwood raises Chameleons in the Los Angeles area and asked me to make some photographs of his older Chameleon and a younger group that had hatched from a clutch several months earlier.  I’m always interested in taking on a side project for a good friend.  I find it’s a nice way to broaden what I shoot and often offers challenges that I wouldn’t normally encounter.  Chameleon wrangling is going on my linkedIn skills list…

Technical Notes:  Lighting was one light (Speedotron 1500 Explorer battery pack) done with a gridded 7inch reflector and a small white fill card in some cases.  Camera was a Canon 5D Mark II with a 85mm F1.8 USM lens set at ISO 400 @f8 & 1/50th of a second (for the little Chameleons) and ISO 200 f11 & 1/160th of a second (for the bigger Chameleon).

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